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Turnkey WordPress site development
KitWeb is an agency specialized in creating websites on CMS WordPress in USA. WordPress provides all the features to create such kinds of sites:

  • Business cards, landings
  • Corporate & business resources, E-commerce
  • News projects, blogs, portfolio

Creating websites on WordPress is the optimal solution for many resources. All the sites base on this platform are created with attractive interface, simplicity in managing, flexibility, and the ability to customize for specific tasks.

Main advantages
of developing WordPress websites

Also from the main advantages of WordPress website development we can distinguish:

  • SEO-optimization is under simple & clear control. All the necessary options can be settled by the owner of the portal, based on chosen promotion strategy.
  • No fee. The CMS is freely available. Only different plugins and themes are in exception.
  • Simplicity in learning and management and the availability of technical support. Anyone can easily learn the basics of working with this platform.
  • Availability of different ready-made design templates. Within one solution, as a rule, there are options for the construction and design of the main and internal pages.
  • Using plugins. 35 000 plug-ins are offered for downloading, allowing you to significantly expand the functionality of the resource.
What can be done:
Сontent management

The WordPress admin panel is quite convenient and understandable for self-managing site content.
Text and graphic materials

Text and graphic materials, contact information, any information on the site could be changed.
Advertise new pages

Advertise new pages, sections and display them in the menu.
Work with galleries

Work with photo and video galleries, publish projects, moderate reviews and post answers to them.
Keep a blog

Keep a blog, publish news and announce promotions.
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Wordpress design and development services

Services from scratch and turnkey

The group of professionals works hard to create a better quality website for customers. Our agency creates websites based on everything that is needed to solve the client’s business tasks. We provide website building services from scratch and turnkey. We carry out all stages of development and you will get a fully working web resource. By contacting us, you will receive an integrated professional approach to solving the tasks of your business. So you will save time, money and effort.

SEO optimization

Our company conducts technical and internal site optimization. Each web project is optimized for key queries of the target audience, the region of activity. Requests are clustered and used to optimize the pages of the site (filling metadata - titles, descriptions), writing texts. We install Google Analytics system, can make PPC campaign in Google Adwords. Headers and images are optimized by default after our job. The project will be fully ready for promotion.