What is a Landing Page?

kitweb May 16, 2019 0 Comments

The Landing Page was originally launched in America by a studio that wanted to create a resource that surpasses the level of competition that exists between companies. The effect of the development exceeded all expectations, so the idea spread throughout the world. So what is a landing page and how to make the project itself? Let us dwell in more detail on these two key issues.

Landing page is a site that presents, as a rule, one product or service, reveals their features so as to attract the maximum attention and demand from the consumer market. It contains only one page.

The main advantage of this solution is focus on a single product. Landing page encourages visitors to take a targeted action: buy if it is a product, order if it is a service, and also subscribe to the newsletter, download the application, etc.

It is designed to keep high user attention, to establish communication with the audience, to get a high conversion. Bring visitors to this page with contextual advertising, social networks, email newsletters.

Key Stages of Landing Development

In order to quickly start a business, you need to implement 3 key stages:

  1. Direct creation of the landing page.
  2. Set up proper web analytics systems.
  3. Launch an advertising campaign.

First of all, a landing page is created on which all information about goods or services to be sold are placed. At this stage it is important to correctly formulate a proposal: to focus on solving the tasks / problems of the target audience or achieving goals by users with the help of your product. That is, the content is formed in such a way as to maximize the interest of buyers. All works are aimed at ensuring that every landing visitor has a desire to place an order from you and right now.

Analytics is needed so that you can understand how effective the measures implemented earlier were, how the return on investment goes, etc. Special web analytics systems are used that map traffic to the site, its sources and targeted actions performed by users.

Well-targeted contextual advertising or other marketing activities will help bring potential customers to the site. If we talk about the context, it is necessary to collect demand, create an advertising account, prepare selling ads and optimize settings so that the advertising campaign will lead to the landing of visitors interested in your products or services and ready to make purchases.

Choosing the right studio for development

An important task for everyone who has conceived the creation of a land page, is to choose a web studio that can be trusted with the whole range of activities. It should be understood that non-professional approach will not meet your expectations and it will be just money thrown away.

Our studio offers web development and marketing services in USA. Our specialists know how to make a landing page correctly, which will begin to bring you income the next day after launch. In the course of work, they will take into account all your wishes, the specifics of the goods or services offered, and find effective solutions for everyone.