What is a CMS site?

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The Internet has firmly entered the life of modern man, has become an integral part of our existence, and for many, a key factor in business development. If you decided to join the advanced technologies of the present, launching your own online project, then one of the key issues that need to be resolved before starting development will be the choice of admin panel of the future site. But first, you need to understand what is being said, and know which platforms exist today and which of them will be better suited to the specifics of your product.

CMS is a content management system, as well as a set of scripts, with the help of which content is created, edited and managed. Yet it is often called the “engine” or “admin”.

It is necessary in order to improve the interaction between the site and users, to give the resource dynamism and interactivity. The management system will enable users to independently make the changes they need, including those who do not have the appropriate knowledge and practical skills.

Now you understand what a CMS platform is and how important it is to make the right choice. Management systems will be indispensable for such types of online resources as forums and blogs, online stores, personal and corporate websites, social networks, portals. Consider the most popular solutions.

wordpress sites

Website development on WordPress

WordPress is an innovative platform with high usability. The most popular engine on which almost any sites are created, starting from forums and blogs and ending with e-commerce. It has a large number of widgets, plug-ins and components for solving different tasks.

To work with it you do not need to have technical experience, the content is edited directly in the admin panel texts can be inserted from any editors. This engine also provides a lot of opportunities for website developers and web designers. The main problem when working with the platform is correct customization of settings for individual requirements.

Joomla website development

Joomla – the second most popular CMS platform. This is a complete development tool, providing consumers with ample opportunities. It supports access control protocols (OpenID, Gmail.com, LDAP), has a fairly convenient administrative panel with templates, menu management, styles, and a rather attractive design.

Of the features worth noting the superficiality of the system, despite its versatility. It features a large number of paid plug-ins. This platform is suitable for corporate sites, business cards.

joomla web development

Other famous CMS

  1. Drupal: free, full-featured, functional admin panel, flexible, but difficult to manage;
  2. MODx: free, flexible, fairly easy to use;
  3. Bitrix: paid, attracts the attention of users by the breadth of complete sets;
  4. DLE: a decent option for creating a blog, easy to manage;
  5. vBulletin, phpBB: used primarily for organizing the work of forums;
  6. ShopScript, OpenCart: used to create online stores.

CMS constructors are also used, like WIX, Nethouse. They are simple and do not require special knowledge from users. But it should be understood that the site created on the designer does not belong to you. As soon as you stop paying for it, you simply lose.

To entrust the development of the site

If you are not sure which engine to choose for your project, use the professional services of those who know the features of the platforms and how to choose the best cms for your site.

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