Integrated and Flexible Approach
SEO Services
Our team develops a unified strategy for website promotion in search engines. It includes the most effective methods and ways to achieve the goal.

Be sure to predict the results of activities and the timing of their achievement for each site.


We analyze the niche and competitors, audit website.

SEO optimization

We optimize website in accordance with Google guidelines, SEO standards.

Web Promotion

We form website promotion strategy and implement it.


Key Moments of Promotion

Our goal is to generate as much traffic as possible on the website. And this traffic must be targeted.

Website optimization

SEO optimization is a necessary and important stage of promotion. We will do: internal audit of the site, compose a semantic core, optimize metadata and headlines, configure robots.txt and sitemap, establish systems of analytics, eliminate technical errors etc.

From Visitor to Customer

Our task is not only to increase the site’s performance, but also to do everything possible to convert its visitors to customers. We analyze the usability of the site and give recommendations for its improvement.

Traffic growth

The growth in the number of visitors to the site is one of the results of activities. The more number of requests for which the site is in the TOP the more visits. Important point: we are working on attracting targeted traffic. We attract visitors who are interested in your offer.


The quality and results of the work are constantly monitored. We monitor: change the position of the site, traffic, behavioral factors. The results of the promotion are provided to the client in the form of understandable report once a month.


Depending on the subject of the project and the goals set, we are promoting the site on an agreed list of keywords. We select the most effective keywords for site positioning. The strategy displays key phrases in Google Top-10 in 5-6 months.


We form price for projects individually. We calculate the optimal promotion budget (which will allow to achieve goals in the specified time). The cost is affected by the factors: competitiveness, region, age of site, number of key, current positions.
Professional Team Work on Website Promotion
We promote web resources and online commerce projects in Google. The promotion of our studio includes a whole package of services: site audit, market analysis, demand and competitors, usability assessment, optimization, compilation of the semantic kernel, linkbuilding, withdrawal from search engine filters (if required).

Based on the analytical data, we predict the results and the terms of the achievement. Our clients will know what goals will be achieved within the budget of promotion.

  • Audit of the site
  • Market analysis
  • Semantic Core
  • Optimization
  • Linkbuilding
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