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Kitweb is a professional website development studio that offers customers a full range of services for creating any kind of online portals. Extensive practical experience and thorough knowledge of the specifics of the upcoming work allow our specialists to find individual solutions for online stores, landing page, business cards, corporate and other types of web resources.
  • Logo development
  • Website design
  • Creating graphic design: icons, infographics, visualization elements

KitWeb specialists develop just: user-friendly, attractive, fully compliant with the requirements and expectations of the customer, as well as contributing to the promotion of its products and services web design.

We create a modern design, and also actually implement these principles in the system design process, so that the user interacting with it and finds it understandable.

The studio develops tools that works and successfully solve the tasks.

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One of our main capabilities is UX
What is UX?
“User experience” is a general term that describes the resulting outcome. As the Internet has become more integrated into our lives over the years, UX has shifted from simply avoiding errors and dead ends to practicing a set of methods and techniques to research what users need and then designing an experience (whether it is print, digital, physical, or a combination thereof).
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Graphic design and content
  • Setting goals and objectives – what do we need to achieve?
  • Selection of suitable UX tools for the implementation of goals
  • Development of a product that is as convenient and easy as possible for the target audience
  • Analysis of the final result – whether the product meets the customer’s expectations and how high the level of user satisfaction is.
UX design is a vital component in building the image of a given product–mobile app, website, etc. vis-a-vis the response of the user; that is drawn from the functional utility, aesthetic appeal, and overall efficiency of that product.
website design
One of the main implements of UX is UI
What is UI?
User interface design is a narrower concept that includes a set of graphically designed technical elements (buttons, checkboxes, selectors, and other fields). Its task is to help the user to organize interaction with the program / site.

UX is a process, and UI is implement. UX is wider than UI and includes this concept. But they have one goal – to make user interaction with the site convenient, enjoyable and memorable.

At the moment there are some rules of
user interface design:
  • The organization of interface elements. It means that they must be logically structured and interrelated.
  • Grouping interface elements. Implies grouping logically related elements (menus, forms) into groups.
  • Alignment of interface elements. It is difficult to imagine that a poorly aligned interface can be registered for someone!
  • Unified style interface elements. Styling plays an important role.
  • Availability of free space. This allows you to distinguish between information blocks, to focus on one thing.
  • A user interface designed by all the rules significantly increases the efficiency of the resource and gives it a competitive advantage.