The importance of adaptability today

kitweb June 5, 2019 0 Comments

You are the owner of an online resource and want to know how well it is displayed on screens of different sizes and with different resolutions? Then for you the actual question is how to check the adaptability of your site?

Those times when all Internet users had identical monitors with absolutely identical resolution are in the past. Then the designers did not have to bother much: everyone was satisfied with a beautiful, but static design, corresponding to the width of the screen.

At the same time, they were sure that it would be displayed equally on all computers. Today, with the advent of a large number of portable gadgets and monitors with different resolutions, the situation has changed dramatically.

That is why so much attention is paid to such a concept as the adaptability of the website. It is about its ability to display correctly and ease of operation for mobile users. Given that today more than 80% of users use smartphones and tablets to access online simplicity, this issue is very relevant.

If your site is poorly displayed on small screens, the visitor is likely to just go to the adapted resource of your competitors, and you lose a potential customer. So how to check the adaptability of your site on different screens, determining whether it needs improvements or not?

Google mobile friendly

The Mobile-Friendly Factor from Google has become a fatal factor for many online resources. The lack of a harmonious display of pages on smartphones and tablets has led to a significant decrease in site position in the results of search results. As a result, the portal owners began to turn to specialists for adaptive layout.

Google decided to ease the task of developers by offering the opportunity to view the project from the side through the Google Developers test tool. Downloading the address of the page, you will see how it is displayed on different devices and get an expert opinion containing all the flaws and recommendations for eliminating them.

Browser Console

You can check the adaptability and directly in the browser, in particular, in Google Chrome. Download it and enter the site name. Next, go to the browser console by pressing the F12 button or the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I. You can go directly to the browser menu by selecting “Other Tools” and “Developer Tools” in it.

Once in the console, click on the mobile device icon, located in the lower left corner of the panel. In the “Device” block that appears, select the “Select model” field, and then the mobile device that you want to check. If among the proposed options there is no one you need, you can specify the resolution manually. You can see how your web project looks when viewed from a particular gadget.

Other methods

In addition to Google tools and its browser, you can use specialized analyzer programs:

  1. You must enter the page address, and you will immediately see how it is displayed on various modern portable devices.
  2. Here the pages are checked for standard types of screens: desktop, tablet, smartphone. It is also possible to set non-standard parameters.
  3. Viewing is carried out by phone or tablet models. The most accurate readings for each item are provided, but the program requires registration. These are the most popular ways to test adaptability.

Website Development with Responsive Design

Every owner should understand that the site must first be useful for visitors. Therefore, its audit should be carried out regularly to meet current trends.

If you are only planning to create a resource, it is better to initially contact the specialists for the development of a site with an adaptive design. Our company provides such professional services to customers from USA. Cooperation with us will allow you to get a product that fully meets your needs and current requirements.