Promotion in Social Networks
Our team develops a unified strategy for promotion in social networks. It includes methods and ways of using the capabilities of social networks to solve set tasks.


We analyze the niche, study target audiences, competitive communities


We form a model for positioning the brand community in different social networks.

Сontent plan

We develop a content plan for engaging the audience and brand promotion.


What will Get the Business from SMM

Comprehensive SMM promotion strategy will give business:

attract loyal customers and increase the sales

increase brand awareness and brand credibility

form a positive image of the company

open up new opportunities for development

effective tools to achieve the goal
We Work with Social Networks and Messengers
Our job is:

  • create and customize the brand page
  • prepare individual design
  • develop a content plan
  • prepare and publish content
  • attract interested subscribers
  • setting up retargeting and advertising
  • we form and implement communication mechanics of interaction with the audience
  • analyze the effectiveness of activities
  • optimize for key requests
  • create chat bots
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
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Social Media Marketing
About SMM services
SMM promotion is an effective way to attract an audience to the site through social networks, blogs, forums, communities.

SMM advertising refers to non-standard methods of promotion. Social Media Marketing is the most promising method of promotion. It allows you to communicate with the audience directly, and at the same time it is affordable in price: SMM promotion is affordable even for beginning businessmen.

Social Media Marketing solves a whole range of issues related to the company’s promotion on the Internet:

  • brand promotion, branding;
  • an increase in the number of visitors to the site;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing the loyalty of the audience in relation to the brand.
  • development and creation of communities, groups, publics in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte), creation and maintenance of microblog on Twitter;
  • stimulating the interest of the audience to the community, attracting new members (through raffles, contests, competitions);
  • creation of applications, games, useful utilities and their promotion among users of networks (this direction is most in demand in work with Facebook and VKontakte);
  • website promotion in communities (work in blogs and forums, leading discussions with real participants in networks, publishing posts, reviews and articles);
  • analytics (monitoring networks and communities, analyzing the situation and developing recommendations for the promotion of a company, product or brand, creating a strategy to promote the company in Internet).
  • low cost of promotion (for the beginning of the promotion requires a minimum investment);
  • a wide audience (for example, the number of users of some Facebook applications numbers millions);
  • the ability to carefully select users who see your advertising (ranking the target audience by social parameters: age, place of residence, interests);
  • gradual development of the image, which will continue for a long period (the maximum effect of SMM is achieved after a while).
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