Site Usability Rules

kitweb June 4, 2019 0 Comments

Anything that was created for a person is done in order to make his life a little easier and more convenient. The same principle applies in the case of creating websites, because they are an excellent channel for the presentation, distribution and sale of any goods and services.

You create or order a website specifically for those who want to talk about your existence and offer products or services. But in order to convert visitors online representation in real customers, just creating a site is necessary. You need a well thought out advertising campaign, an original design, a convenient interface of an Internet resource, and much more.

Perfect Usability Rules

  • High-quality and unique design.
  • Availability of functionality.
  • Getting the right information in a maximum of three clicks.
  • Visibility of links.
  • Lack of distracting navigation menus.
  • Site speed.
  • Answers to the most common questions from visitors.
  • The division of large blocks of information into small (subsections).
  • Specify contact details (address, phone numbers, employee names, etc.).
  • Keeping content up to date and constantly updating it.
  • No spelling errors.

If you follow all these rules, the company’s website will be more convenient and therefore more visited and will bring more profit.

Tip: you can be sure of the effectiveness of usability when using its elements on your favorite sites: a clear menu on the main page, a form of online support, a pop-up hint window, etc.

The benefits of working with a team of specialists:

  1. Each project – an individual approach.
  2. Democratic pricing.
  3. Creating a unique design project.
  4. Execution of work on time.
  5. Filling the site with quality materials (copywriting).

Do not be afraid to invest in the future of your site.