Landing Page for Uber-Park

Improvements Landing Page for Uber affiliate program.

Tasks: Setting up all online forms of communication, minor adjustments.

During the site audit, we found that the forms do not work due to the lack of a php handler file; one of the forms is displayed incorrectly on mobile devices due to the large number of values ​​for downloading files.

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What we did

  • Set up all online forms by installing the send2.php handler file
  • Created and configured AJAX sending files to the administrator’s mail
  • Implemented a SELECT box with predefined values ​​for certain parameters
  • Fixed the layout of the form for mobile devices

As a bonus for the customer, we edited the texts in the landing forms, because we detected grammatical errors left by a third-party developer.

Made a proposal with recommendations for improving the landing in the following directions: design, layout, optimization, functionality, management.