Online store: functional, CMS, stages of creation

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Online stores in USA are a promising area of ​​activity. Last year online sales increased by 65%. Want to become the owner of a profitable business?

Basic functionality
of E-Commerce:

  • catalog of goods with a basket, search for goods, purchase in 1 click;
  • featured, popular, favorites, viewed products;
  • filters for sorting goods;
  • functional online store promotions and discounts;
  • reviews, comments, blog;
  • photo protection with a water mark;
  • Google Map;
  • feedback forms, online consultant;
  • Question answer;
  • SEO optimization tool;
  • sliders, photo gallery and other options.
ecommerce development services

Individual functionality:

Order the creation of an online store can be with additional features. We will develop and implement custom functionality for the project and individual tasks. These can be calculators, custom filters, and more.

Popular CMS for creating online stores: Opencart, ShopScript. You can develop a store and CMS Joomla, WordPress. Solid projects, as a rule, are developed on frameworks and are unique products.

Stages of development:

The development of an online store consists of the following main stages:

  1. creation of technical specifications;
  2. development of prototypes and design based on them;
  3. layout and programming with the connection of the functional;
  4. domain registration and hosting;
  5. catalog content, content filling of the resource;
  6. optimization, testing;
  7. after development, marketing activities are underway.

Why KitWeb

Order our services in USA is worth for many reasons:

  • After 6 weeks you will receive an online store ready for work.
  • Full service cycle.
  • Objective value.
  • Support and development of the project.

We carry out projects from scratch and turnkey. More details about the features of the development of online stores by our studio can be found here.