Modern approach to site design

kitweb June 11, 2019 0 Comments

Website design can be fashionable, updated, creative or conservative. We will focus on web design, which makes our team.

  1. We design with the view of SEO-technologies, which allow attracting the most interested traffic to the site – these are real customers who give the most sales. In addition, this technique allows reducing the cost of attracting a single buyer.
  2. Search engines “like” the sites are exactly what we do, and often leads them to the top. We take into account these trends and recommend our customers a design that is not only beautiful for them, but also selling. As a result, a product is obtained that satisfies the requirements of all parties.

Common mistakes that are often found on sites:

  • Using site builders that cannot be promoted: Google and Yandex “know” such free designers and often ban projects based on them. A unique paid code gives you more chances for promotion;
  • Design of the site, not revealing the essence of the proposal, so it can not interest potential customers;
  • Uninformative home page that does not cling to the client;
  • The lack of accessible texts, articles, which for a normal content site should be no less than 50, only then the resource can move and bring SEO traffic;
  • The basic rules for presenting textual information are not observed: fonts, titles, etc. are not standardized;
  • Not optimized texts, pictures, photos;
  • Site without internal optimization: there are no titles, discrepancies;
  • The absence of such forms of capture as online chat rooms on the site;
  • Lack of protection in the feedback forms (checking the phone and e-mail for validity and protection against spam); Map as a picture, instead of Yandex maps or Google Maps.

Our design quality is in the details:

  • We came to the conclusion that promotion is more important for our customers than an unusual design solution.
  • We make multi-site sites, that is, resources in which a landing page – landing page is created for each service / type of product.
  • We create a website taking into account the requirements of search engines and what the user needs.
  • Google and Yandex analyze behavioral factors on sites. Accordingly, if the user goes through the site, looks, reads, etc., then he likes it. And if visitors like it, then the site is good!

If there are many landing pages, many articles and interesting information presented beautifully and accessible on the site, then people come from both advertising and SEO, and the site makes sales.

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