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Development of mobile applications

Cross platform

Universal solution for developing applications for Android and iOS. App creation on a hybrid platform - saving time and budget. Ionic Framework 3 (based on Angular), JS, React Native.


Creation of applications for Apple devices: UX / UI design, frontend, backend. The solution to complex problems, security. Swift, ObjectiveC, Xcode, MVC patterns.


Development of native turnkey mobile applications with publication on Google Play. Solving any problems, developing and supporting projects for mobile devices on Android. Java, Kotlin, MVC MVP, Android SDK.
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KitApp mobile development studio successfully fulfills orders for creating applications for the business of Ukraine, US, Australia and EU countries in different corporate, educational, entertainment and tourism sectors. Mobile applications have become an effective tool for promoting taxi services, commercial companies, online stores, sports and other activities.


1. Preparation

Analysis of the sphere and the competitive market, functional discussion & preparing TS, back end design

2. Implementation

Creating work logic, UX / UI design, front-End (Android / iOS), development of BACK-END (Admin panel, API)

3. Lunch

Program testing, publish to Google play or App store, project support

For each stage (sprint) of developing a mobile application, the deadlines and the result to be obtained are determined. At the end of the sprint, the program’s functions are tested on Apple and Android devices, and only after that the developers move on to the next one.

KitApp Mobile Application Development Studio creates projects for mobile devices on iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android. Our team develops business solutions, service, advertising products, programs for taxi services, education, online shops, startups and other projects on order.

Our company carries out a full cycle of creating and developing a mobile application for Android and iOS – from the concept and design, its development to the publication of the application and support. Each project begins with analytical work and setting goals that need to be achieved using a mobile application. We study the market, competition, target audience, trends and experience in the field of interest. A detailed analysis makes it possible to clearly define business tasks and ways to solve them and predict the final result. Therefore, our customers receive a thoughtful product that works efficiently.

Collaboration with the studio:

Cooperation takes place on the basis of an agreement where the types and scope of work, the deadlines and the final result for the customer are specified in detail. The development price is fixed in the document, so you will be sure that the final cost for the work performed will be honest and correct, in accordance with the Terms of Reference, without unreasonable additional cost. We do not promise cheap, but guarantee that the assessment will be realistic.

We comply with the regulations and are responsible for the quality of the mobile products we create. At each stage, we inform the customer in detail about the success of the development process. Our studio is ready to undertake the creation of complex and large-scale tasks of any purpose and theme.

What if we say that creating an application for mobile phones can serve as an independent income channel? After all, projects are intended not only to popularize a business, its presentation and promotion on the market. They will be profitable through monetization.

Refuse outdated ineffective working methods. A tribute to tradition is good, but it is modern technology that is behind future success. Current mobile applications from KitApp studio are becoming a new stage for business. Learn more about mobile development opportunities and prospects in your niche.