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KitWeb is a successful team of specialists that can make a site of your dream. One of our main privileges is the development of sites on Laravel.

Laravel is a popular and extremely convenient php framework for creating web resources. With its help, projects are created and accomplished by different levels of complexity with expressive, structured code and logical architecture.

What is Laravel development best for?

  • To create personal projects
  • For corporate resources
  • To develop startups

The Laravel framework uses php which is the reason enough for its choice. As you might already know that php is the most frequently used languages for web-based technologies. About 78.9% websites use PHP as their programming language, So, the solution is pretty clear!

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Our team creates high-quality projects on this framework, from which they derive maximum benefit and are suited to solving technical problems without unnecessary formalities and delays. By contacting us you will receive a quality product, saving money, time and effort.

KitWeb is the best choice for creating your projects on Laravel.

How to start developing website?

  • Define goals and tasks of your project
  • Make an accurate portrait of your potential client
  • Reveal your competitors
  • Distinguish key features of your company
  • Choose the right developer to create your corporate website
  • The main task when creating a website is to set goals and objectives of the resource. Based on this, the technical task is set.
  • There is a different development environment for the needs of a particular project. On Laravel, the resource architecture is developed according to the logic “from the main to the secondary”.
  • The code is written; the database is configured and populated (sites on Laravel use the object-relational mapping system eloquent to work with databases). At this stage, all the necessary work is carried out to create a resource management system.
  • Creating a design and its combination with the functionality.
  • Filling a resource with content.
  • Host the site on a hosting, output to the public.
  • Constant technical support site.
laravel web development
Benefits of using Laravel
  • Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. Almost everything is configured out of the box and also provides a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.
  • Laravel provides a simple and easy way to send mail to mail, which allows you to send a fast forward through local or regional service. Different types of configurations allow you to easily connect and configure the sending of emails from any mail service.
  • Laravel supports the cache from the box. By default, Laravel is configured to use a file cache driver that stores cached objects in the file system. Using your cache, your data will not go away and will not be lost. In some cases, the cache needs to be used to optimize and speed up the service. However, using Laravel, you can even configure several cache configurations.
  • Laravel helps protect the web application by protecting it against the most serious security risks: SQL injections, forgery of multi-site queries, and cross-site scripting. With the choice of the Laravel framework, it will be sure that your users’ data is securely protected.
  • Error handling and exceptions are already created for each new Laravel project. In addition, Laravel is integrated with the Monolog Magazine library, which provides support for a variety of powerful log handlers. Using this functionality, developers will find out in the shortest time when this vulnerability occurs or if you encounter difficulties in testing the program.
  • Laravel is built with testing in mind. In fact, support for testing with PHP Unit is included out of the box and a phpunit.xml file is already setup for the application. The framework also ships with convenient helper methods allowing for expressive testing of the applications.
  • All Laravel routes are defined in the app/Http/routes.php file, which is automatically loaded by the framework. The most basic Laravel routes simply accept a URI and a Closure, providing a very simple and expressive method of defining routes.
  • The Laravel queue service provides a unified API across a variety of different queue backends. Queues allow you to defer the processing of a time-consuming task, such as sending an e-mail, until a later time, which drastically speeds up web requests to your application.
  • In every application development, you often encounter situations requiring periodic execution of certain scripts or commands such as; sending letters, creating reports, backing up various elements of the site. Fortunately, Laravel comes with a built-in task scheduling API that lets you define scheduled tasks more than ever before.
  • Laravel has all the features right out of the box that are needed to write the server part for the mobile application. All the features of this framework allow developers to create reliable API entry points (Application Programming Interface) for different devices and applications.