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Website development on CMS Joomla is one of the professional activities of our studio.

A team of experienced specialists will work on your project that will make all your wishes come true. You can order both, the direct creation of an Internet resource (design development, layout, and content filling) and its administration. This may be a business card site, landing page, forum, online store.

When we are creating a website depending on the purpose of a web project, we select a specific set of plug-ins and components that successfully accomplish the tasks.

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Joomla CMS
Advantages of using Joomla
For sites on Joomla, you can create an individual design and you can use ready-made templates that are available for free and for a fee. There are no restrictions in the design of the project. You can apply different animation effects. We develop an individual design or select and customize a thematic template according to the client’s choice.

For Joomla there is a large selection of plug-ins and components that solve a number of problems. You can also install individual functionality on the site, for example a calculator, an online design constructor, and more.

What functionality can be implemented on Joomla:

Online forms, reviews, comments, image & video galleries, slider, catalog, interactive maps, blog, RSS, search, filters for products / services catalogs. These are the most common, but not all. The advantage of CMS is the ability to integrate an individual software product on the site: an online calculator, a design constructor, and other solutions.

The platform allows you to conduct a full SEO-site optimization – technical and internal. This includes the optimization of metadata (titles, disclosures), headers, images, installation of analytics systems, sitemap settings, optimization of download speed. Joomla sites are successfully promoted in search engines.

What about administration?

Admin Panel Joomla convenient and fairly easy to manage. After the launch of the project, we instruct the customer or his representative to work with the site.

You will be able to manage:

  • Text, photo and video materials
  • Structure of site sections
  • Reviews, galleries
joomla web development
joomla web development
Why our services are the best choice for you?
Turning to us for the creation of the site on Joomla, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality and fully working project. Our specialists are thoroughly familiar with all the vulnerabilities of this CMS platform, additional protection components, including server will be provided. It is mandatory to provide reliable protection against hacking and virus applications.

We reconfigure the platform, disabling the extra modules and plug-ins, thereby increasing its speed. Without fail, the site is optimized for key requests, so that your target audience is guaranteed to find you on the Internet.

After the completion of the site development, a detailed consultation is carried out; the purpose is to teach the customer to manage their online representation.